BAZAAR X IDS AESTHETICS: Spa Awards 2022 Best Clarifying Treatment IDS Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) at IDS Aesthetics
07 December 2022

Everyone knows that the basis of any skincare routine starts with cleansing—without clean skin, any other skincare step which follows would be insignificant as it just means that some skincare actives would lay on the surface of skin, unable to penetrate the skin. Moreover, this also means that impurities are being pushed around on the skin while you apply skincare, possibly clogging up pores and marring your complexion in the long run.


Try as we might, some impurities still manage to stay on the skin and embedded in pores without professional tools that aid in a thorough cleanse. That’s why you need an expert cleansing treatment like the IDS Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT), available at IDS Aesthetics to help supplement your daily cleansing, for immaculate skin cleanliness and a clear complexion.



Get rid of the gunk

Left uncared for, your skin becomes an unwitting catchment for grease and grime, which is the cause of acne, pimples and unsightly spots. Be it a build-up of beauty products, environmental pollutants or natural sebum and sweat, your pores often get clogged up easily with a colossal amount of dirt, resulting in dull, rough and uneven skin.


Daily washing can help to remove the external elements that reside on the surface, but what your skin really needs is that deep deep cleanse like a HTT facial that cuts through the accumulated layers of dirt that no regular cleanser can penetrate.



Fresh and Clean Complexion

Professionally formulated to unclog those pores, this HTT facial gets to the root of the problem and “resets” your skin on a clean slate every time. To start off this clarifying treatment, double cleansing rids surface impurities and makeup to prep the skin for further cleaning. Then MDX, a microdermabrasion device gently exfoliates away dull surface skin that prevents skincare actives from penetrating skin. This also prevents dead skin from entering pores and potentially causing inflammation and pimples. Hydro D, a water-based dermabrasion which uses a multi-minerals solution, also lifts away impurities and infuses skin with essential nutrients to help it stay strong and healthy.


Ultrasonic cleansing, which uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves, helps to dislodge deeply embedded impurities in the pores and hard-to-reach areas. Manual extraction is also done for those who are experiencing clogged pores, blackheads and milia seeds, removing them in a safe and sanitised way. Skin is then ready to receive a host of skincare ingredients beneficial for the skin—including vitamin C, a whitening, soothing or anti-acne mask, moisturiser and sunscreen.


Suitable for all skin types, not only does HTT help to eliminate sebum and dirt, but it also works on a deeper level by stimulating cellular regeneration and boosting collagen production. As your cells get plumped up from within, your skin becomes firmer, leaving you with a brighter and smoother complexion. With clearer skin, you can go light-handed on the foundation, and even have the confidence to go makeup-free—the ultimate flex in having flawless and radiant skin.


IDS Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment ($198 for 60 minutes) is available at IDS Aesthetics located at: Novena Specialist Center #05-10, Tel 6568 3555 and International Building #02-02, Tel 6450 3555


Quote “HarperBazaarHTT” to enjoy 1 session of Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment at $90. Available for first-time customers of IDS Aesthetics only.


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