[ Cheryljhoe ] My Skin Journey with IDS!
01 October 2021

Haaaaaave you heard about IDS? Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS) is a local skincare brand created by Dr SK Tan who has more than 30 years of experience in dermatology and skincare. That’s longer than the years I’ve been alive!


I’ve always had interest in skincare, and of course I’ve heard of IDS years ago, but never thought to try it because my impression of IDS was that it was very atas, too expensive for me, and perhaps more suited for older people in their 40s, like for rich aunties with a massive disposable income (maybe husband’s income lol). So when I went for my first visit to IDS, I was pretty surprised to see that there was a pretty even mix of both guys and ladies, and the average age of customers there couldn’t be more than 40 years old!



Took a screengrab from the clips that I took during my visit so you can see how it looks like (It’s a little blurry so check out my visit on my IG highlights for better clips and pictures!) I had private hospital vibes – clean, modern, bright, efficient.


This new outlet at International Building was easy to find. Located on the 2nd floor, they take up almost a whole third of the level maybe. Cannot miss! 


I arrived at the registration counter, and the lady immediately asked if I was Cheryl (cue tiktok soundbite: “How would they know?”), and gave me a form. If you’re a first time visitor to any clinic, they’d usually ask you to fill in a general form about yourself, to declare any existing medical conditions.


So I took my little transparent clipboard, sat somewhere to fill it in, and almost immediately after I put the clipboard down, one of the staff members came to take my form back. Very observant! Within 5 minutes, I was already ushered into the doctor’s consultation room.


The doctor I was assigned to was Dr Michelle Wong, and can I just first say that even though I never saw her full face unmasked, I thought her skin was SO GOOD!! Legit flawless! She’s probably the best ambassador for IDS, no joke! If at the end of this journey I can get skin like Dr Michelle, I’d be VERY VERY happy! Her complexion is #goals!



I don’t know why I look so pissed but I’m really actually just paying very careful attention to Dr Michelle hahaha


Dr Michelle was very friendly and seemed very experienced cos she could tell me quite quickly just from looking and touching my skin that my skin condition was considered to be a combination skin type, She could point out which parts were slightly dry and which regions on my face was mildly sensitive. Pretty spot on! She then explained what the journey with IDS was going to look like, and recommended some of the products she would be letting me try based on my skin type. She also gave me a simple guide with steps to follow for the morning skincare routine, and nighttime skin care routine.


I actually am guilty of not doing skincare in the mornings unless I’m overseas. My complete skincare regime really was just a simple night routine consisting of 2 steps:

  1. Essence
  2. Moisturiser


Occasionally if I felt fancy, I’d do a serum before moisturiser, and a little eye cream. Some nights, if I did a sheet mask after I showered, I would skip the skincare routine!


So I was really quite shocked when Dr Michelle’s recommended morning routine for me included a serum, and the night routine didn’t include that step. INTERESTING. To me, serums are “heavier”, so it was always a night time thing for me. The rationale for using the serum in the day is because, this incredible serum, works as an invisible shield against even stuff like blue light from technology and gadgets, infrared light, and environmental pollutants that accelerates skin aging. So now you know why my doctor recommended it to be used in the day rather than night!


After the consultation, I was brought to another room to get my “before” pictures taken and was also introduced to the products chosen for me. Here are my products:


1. C2 – the Delicate Cleanser


Dr Michelle recommended the C2 Delicate Cleanser instead of their C1 (for oily skin) or C3 (milk cleanser). For sensitive skin, dry to normal skin, you need to use something gentle, and this cleanser definitely is. It foams up before you put it on your face, and removes both make up and impurities. It smells and feels like the cleanser that my therapist uses on me when I go for facials. Good stuff!


2. T2 – Delicate Toner


This toner is again more suited for my skin type instead of their T1 Refreshing Toner. I’ve never really used toners before and always thought that toners were unnecessary and too strong for me. Some products are so strong that after you use them, you may get the tightened rubber feeling on your face. I didn’t want that!


Thankfully this toner really is super gentle, and didn’t leave me with the tightened rubber feeling on my face. It’s also easy to use! It’s a spray bottle, so I can spray directly on my face and pat down, or spray on a piece of cotton pad and wipe.


3. C+ Vitamin C Serum


This is the power-packed serum I mentioned earlier! It’s formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C, has amazing antioxidant action and promotes collagen stimulation, so users will have brighter and “wrinkle-free” skin.


4. OM Oil-Free Moisturiser


Lightweight, non-greasy, gel-type moisturiser, a little goes a long way. I quite like that this moisturiser didn’t leave me feeling like I had something on my face. When I first applied it, I could still feel it on your skin, but after 20 seconds of applying, I didn’t feel it anymore!


5. S2 Non-tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++


I actually had a choice between the tinted or non-tinted sunscreen. Personally, I felt that the non-tinted version gave me more brightness in my skin, so I went with that.


This is how they look like. Left side: Non-tinted. Right side: Tinted.



After gently applying it over my hands, this is how it looks. Both look natural, no white-cast at all. But I felt like the non-tinted one made my hand just a bit brighter than the tinted one. What do you think?


6. Dermashield Mask


Just to be used once a week, the Dermashield serum in this mask has benefits like the C+ Serum, and protects against blue light, infrared light, and environmental pollutants. I’ve never come across a mask that has those benefits, and I’ve friends who’ve told me how good this is, so I’m really quite excited to try this!


After being shown how to use the products, I sat at the lobby area just for a bit before the dispensary called my name and I collected all the products. It really felt like a proper medical clinic!


I’ve been using the products every day religiously and even though it’s just been a short while, I’ve been getting compliments from even strangers about my skin complexion! Will be posting my full skincare routine on IG, and if you want close-ups on how each product’s texture is like, head there!


If you want more information about IDS Skincare products and start on your own #IDSTRansformme journey, check out https://idsskincare.com/ or @idsskincare on IG.



*Credits to Cheryljhoe

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