[ Deenise ] I’ve tried the ‘coldest’ facial at IDS Aesthetics
12 June 2021


I don’t think I’ve experience anything like this before – a freezing cold facial which literally caused my skin to tighten and my pores contract in an instant. It’s also that facial you need in the upcoming warm months to cool and soothe your skin. And the best part is that this Cryo Therapeutics treatment at IDS Aesthetics only takes 60 minutes. It’s quick and super effective.


Cryo Therapeutic Treatment

In preparation for my upcoming wedding, IDS Aesthetics recommended this facial treatment for me to instantly soothe, restore and energise my skin. It’s suitable for those with dull and sensitive skin. This treatment will soothe any skin irritation, improve skin texture and promote cellular repair.


Double Cleansing



The 60-minute facial starts off with a double-cleansing step which cleanses the skin thoroughly before adding all the nourishing skin serums to the skin.






Microdermabrasion will exfoliate the skin and at the same time, suction of the dead skin cells and any skin impurities immediately.

I like that they pair microdermabrasion with extraction to get rid of any skin debris and unclog the pores.



Serum Infusions with CryoProbe



Now that my skin is deeply cleansed, the therapists massaged a serum cocktail of vitamins and skin brighteners into my skin using the CryoProbe. The use of this machine will help increase the penetration of the serums into the skin.


This form of cryotherapy technology employs an extremely low temperature of up to -15 degree celcius to cool the skin. It not only reduces the redness in the skin after extraction but it also tones and firms the skin.


At this point, I could only describe this process using one word – ‘shiok’. I always enjoy such pain-free treatments which would enhance the condition of my skin and leave me feeling like a princess.


Sheet Mask



To lock in all the goodness into my skin, the therapist added a hydrating sheet mask to my skin. After applying the mask, I thought she would ask me to rest with the mask on for 15 minutes. But, no, I did not expect that she would use the CryoProbe to go over the sheet mask. I mean, why not? The coldness from the probe will only enhances the absorption of the serum from the mask into my skin.



Initially, the whole process felt really comfortable. As minutes passed, my skin started to feel freezing cold. Thankfully, before it gets to uncomfortable, the treatment stops and the therapist gently pull the sheet mask off.


I mean… check that out.


My once-enlarged pores were shut tight after the treatment and check out how bright and radiant my skin looks! I even noticed that my dark eye circles have lightened!


I personally feel that this zero-downtime facial is best done a couple of days before your big day. Makeup will glide on smoothly on such skin and you’ll be glowing from within.



It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable facials I’ve tried. The entire process was fast and effective.


If you’re interested, do check out IDS Aesthetics website for more information. Do check out my review on IDS Skincare products here.


*Credits to Deenise

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