[ Janiqueel ] IDS has some Bright, New I-DE-A’S for Skincare
18 June 2021

Janiqueel visits the new IDS hybrid flagship at the International Building and leaves VERY impressed, indeed, with the store and the products.


"We are a new type of skincare company that demands of you nothing except being your true beautiful self. We believe that it is every woman’s secret dream to feel confident enough to leave the house with no makeup."



The snazzy, new space on the second floor of the International Building on Orchard has a new skin and it’s beautiful. I went for a consultation and was wowed by the extensive layout and the depth of professionalism that greeted me there. Dr Benjamin Yim and his assistant Jessica were very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot about my skin. As Jessica performed a routine test on my left hand, we bonded over a chat on lifestyle/sleeping/workout habits and child-raising. I left with two smart-looking bagfuls of skincare products and with a sense that I had discovered something else again in the world of healthy products for Singapore.


Here’s a quick look at the goodies in my goodie bag arrange in categories exemplifying the best routine for using them:



  • C2 – Delicate Cleanser

Mild enough for sensitive skin, yet robust enough for thorough and deep-down cleansing, this delicate cleanser lathers into a soft foam to flush away makeup, pollutants, dirt, and grime. Working equally hard on normal skin, C2 is also especially efficacious for dry skin, as well. Moisturising and softening as it cleans, C2 comes in gel form and makes an excellent addition to any regular routine.


  • T2 – Delicate Toner

Holding the bottle about 15 cm from your face, spray a soothing mist onto your skin and feel the cool relief that will soon go deeper to revitalize and restore a natural moisture balance. As it gently removes dead skin cells, T2 soothes irritations and reduces inflammation. Use on a cotton pad if the spraying doesn’t appeal to you.


  • C+ – Age-defense Serum

With a hearty blend of Vitamin C, this serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles as it evens skin tone and lightens old scars (often scars left by acne). Easy to use, a small amount applied evenly to your whole face releases the Vitamin E-based formula enhances collagen production while attacking acne.


  • RC – Rejuvenating Complex Plus

Used as a treatment before the moisturizer, RC is built on a high-performing formula brings results similar to line-reducing injections. Designed to promote a more youthful appearance without annoying tiny lines and wrinkles. “Minerals, adenosine, elastin and hyaluronate target multiple signs of ageing all at once.”


  • MB – Moisture Boost

To be used as the last step in a moisturizing routine, MB is applied across the face in one smooth, continuous swipe. Safe, even around eye areas, it can be used twice a day. Its creamy consistency provides, as the name implies, an extra boost of moisture. At the same time, though, MB is repairing damaged skin and maintaining the natural protective barrier against all the impurities that modern city life throws our way. 


  • S3 – New Tinted Sunscreen

Even when indoors, a thin, smooth application of sunscreen is important in warding off harmful rays, even tose from artificial light or nearby windows. S3 is a matte sunscreen which means it disappears on the skin without shine. Non-oily, S3 should be applied every 1-2 hours when outside in the sun; every 30-40 minutes when sweating or swimming.



C2 > FS > T2 > C+ > A+ /+ RS > RC > MB


  • FS – Facial Scrub

Containing extra-fine crystals of jojoba beads to exfoliate dead skin cells, FS  is massaged into the skin after moisturizing then thoroughly rinsed away leaving skin smooth, soft, and even-toned. Any skin type can benefit from FS but is especially recommended for oily or blemish-prone skin.


  • DM – DermaShield Mask Sheet

Specifically designed to reinforce protection from day-to-day exposure to “…High-Energy Visible (Blue Light) and Infra-red light as well as environmental pollutants”, DM is a mask sheet that is applied to your face and left in place for 15-20 minutes. After removing, don’t rinse. Immediately you’ll notice an extra glow with the extra infusion of moisture.


  • A+ /+ RS Recovery Serum

Reducing blemish marks and improving skin tone and texture, A+ promotes new cell replacement which reduces fine line and wrinkles. Used in conjunction with RS – Recovery Serum – irritated skin will be soothed; redness will be reduced, as immunity is heightened. Paid with each other, these two products help to make any skincare routine highly effective.



  • DD – Diamond-Dust Perfector

Used as a makeup base, DD provides a natural, smooth appearance under any light, but especially outdoor lighting (it has SPF properties). Making skin imperfections less noticeable, it improves skin tone and reduces redness. 


  • C3 – Cleansing Milk

Removing makeup and surface dirt and grime, C3, if you’re venturing outdoors, readies your skin for a natural, clean, unobstructed experience letting sunlight bathe your skin naturally leaving it glowing.


You can visit www.idsskincare.com for more about their products or www.idsclinic.com if you wish to know more about your skin!


Research and writing help from JKJ.


*Credits to Janiqueel

Visit Janiqueel’s blog post here.

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