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11 August 2021

I am very excited to share this journey with you guys but its a pity that i cant upload pictures here omg!!! my bandwidth exceeded !!! but its ok i have an ig highlight documenting down my journey with ids or you guys can pm me at my ig too! @littlekutu


I am someone who is not very adventurous with skincare but also because im blessed with skin that are not too problematics. so once im used to a certain skincare product i will jus stick to it.


But this time im very bless to be able to join IDS on this skincare journey after hearing n seeing so much rave on social media! my very first visit to IDS at their orchard outlet was a very pleasant one. Dr Ben Yim was very patient in hearing my skincare concern and offering products that suit my skin.


My concern was dullness and dry skin. motherhood really suck out the youth in me. lol. my skin are dry, dull and worst still got visible pores .really is like a aunty. Dr Ben prescribed a series of skincare which include Cleanser, scrub, toner, serum , moisturiser and sunblock !!



After using the products for a month , i am here to review my top 3 favourite products!


IDS Non-Tinted Sunscreen (with Extra Blue Light Protection)

sunscreen sunscreen and sunscreen. THIS IS VERY IMPT GUYS!


I do ALOT of outdoor activities. i run outdoor 3 times a week and on my weekends i am always outdoor with my daughter swimming, hiking or cycling. the long hours of exposure to sun are really harmful to skin. this sunscreen is not oily and easily absorb to skin. it has a matte feeling so and it doesnt turn sticky when u sweat. highly recommend. i use it under my make up too !




This vitamin C serum is light and easily absorb to skin. it helps in supressing melanin. i will always spam this at night after a long day of exposing to the sun and i love how i always wake up to brighter skin after using it.





This serum has a ‘stinging’ sensation when applied to my face. I focus it more on my t zone, nose and chin area. This area are more prone to have blackheads and white heads. it help to refine pores minimizes oil production.


i will be back soon to update more on my 2nd visit soon! facial !!!!


*Credits to littlekutu

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