Public Announcement Notice
07 April 2020

Dear Customers, is allowed to continue its operations to facilitate any purchases of IDS Skincare and Kylaz products.


Under the guidelines from ESG, HDB, STB, and URA Joint Statement dated 4th April 2020, “(Updated) Tightening Safe Distancing Measures at Retail Establishments” at https:// updated_tightening_safe_distancing_measures_at_retail_establishments


Online retail may continue to operate, provided the following guidelines are complied with:

  • Retail establishments that do not provide essential services must not open their stores to customers, but can access the retail premises where necessary to fulfil delivery of online orders. Such establishments must clearly indicate that the store is not open to customers.
  • Fulfilment of online orders must only be done through delivery (e.g. mailboxes, POPStations). No collection of order at the retail stores is allowed.
  • Retail establishments must limit the number of staff within its premises (e.g. warehouses, stores) to the minimum number required for order fulfilment. No other activities should take place within the premises. Staff must ensure safe distancing at all times.
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