[ That Mom of Four ] The IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) Journey - Third Visit
15 September 2021

Laser Treatment with IDS 


Isn't it true? When we see an improvement to our skin over time we can get into the mindset that its good enough and that's the routine that we need to stick to. Contrary to that, our skin is constantly ageing and taking longer to regenerate as we get older. So once in awhile, a little something different can help us potentially see more improvements. 

I've never been one for lasers before, and my first time experiencing it was with IDS this year. Yes I'm in my 40s already and why haven't I tried it you might ask? Well, I'm a chicken when it comes to having laser treatments on my face. Maybe its the scary stories I've heard from the time I was younger, but yeah, that's really the main reason why I never tried it before. Till IDS recommended it as my treatment on my third visit here. 
Quite honestly I was a little scared and skeptical, but I was assured that it would not be uncomfortable. So I braced myself and went ahead with it. And thank goodness I did! It really was quite comfortable as he described and I was able to have relaxed conversation throughout the very quick process which took minutes!
Now as someone who hates wasting time, this sort of of treatment I felt was like a dream come true.
- Firstly, there's no downtime. I was off to teach a class right after I left IDS. There was no sensitivity, no redness, no discomfort! Love it! 
- Secondly, the treatment was done so quickly, in fact it was over in less than 20 mins!And I had more time to do other stuff throughout the day!
Timesaving... this is a big plus for me indeed.
Would I go back again? Heck yeah!
Here's my reason......

My skin became all dewy and bright and in such a short time! The only thing I regret is not giving myself the chance to try this out sooner.

The treatment involves just using light of the correct wavelength to target specific tissues in our skin without hurting the surrounding tissues. I had to wear some special goggles to protect my eyes during the short few minutes while the laser treatment was carried out by the doctor.
I was so surprised when he said that it was over because it was really that short! Yet effective I must add.
Time for you to give this a try at IDS if you're looking a quick and effective way to correct pigmentation and lacklustre skin. 

The Skincare Products

Before I left after the laser treatment, I stopped to pick up more of their skincare products. 




Ever since I started using the series of skincare products from IDS Skincare, I have to admit the T-zone oiliness has decreased and my pore size I've also noticed have gotten smaller. So I was glad to get a refill on this star performing product which you can read more about in my earlier post here.
This time though, I picked up something new - the Dermashield Mask.
It came in a box of 10 pieces of individually packed masks and it's bestselling point is how it protects our skin again the harmful effects of blue light.
Most of us are actually exposed to blue light every single day, myself included. From our mobile phones to tables, laptops, computers and more. Apart from blue light, the Dermashield Mask also protects our skin from the harmful environmental pollutants and the effects of the sun and florescent light. All these factors can lead to early signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.
I'd say even if you haven't notices any pigmentation issues, you don't wanna wait till its too late before you do something about it. Unlike other masks that simply help with hydration, this is one mask that we all need but don't think much about. Well, you know where to find it now.
Containing active ingredients such as Pyrus Malus (Apple) fruit extract, Edelweiss EP/ Leontopodium Alponum extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract and Globularia Cordifolia Callus Culture extract, this mask can help to elimicate damaged proteins (detox) and reduces the effects of cellular aging while boosting skin's elasticity and more.
Exclusively found at IDS Skincare, I'd recommend for those who are looking for noticeable change in the state of their skin to just make an appointment at either of their outlets Novena Specialist Center or International Building to consult with their team of highly qualified doctors and start getting the right treatments.
Time waits for no man..... or woman. Wishing everyone a beautiful journey ahead to better skin!
Thank you for reading.

*Credits to That Mom of Four

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