Tried And Tested: We Tried IDS'S Plinest Treatment And Here’s What We Thought About It
19 February 2024

Despite being a beauty editor, the irony is that I don’t find myself being that into beauty. I’m perfectly capable of drawing a hard line in the sand—subjecting myself to lasers is a-ok but I’d never do anything crazy like having my face injected—but fast forward a few years later, I found myself lying down on a bed and having sweet, sweet, Plinest being dispensed into my face by Doctor Vivian Yong of IDS.


But before I go into the works, it is my editorial responsibility to talk about what Plinest is. Plinest is a polynucleotide: stretchy molecules made from fragments of trout which mirror human DNA. Compared to Profhilo, Plinest is more efficacious when it comes to treating deeper wrinkles and can be administered to areas like the eyes, lips, and forehead but my concern was pitted scarring and how thirsty my skin was as of late.


The Treatment


Before I stepped into the clinic, a PR representative casually asked me about my level of pain tolerance and despite mine being low (try having your foot tattooed for two hours with no breaks), I was not particularly worried until Doctor Yong asked if she could start after the customary cleansing and numbing of the face was done. Doctor Yong , bless her heart, mentioned that the treatment starts with placing a micro-cannula on the face before an injection needle is used to uniformly distribute Plinest. Said micro-cannula allows her to adjust the needle across portions of the face without having to insert it over and over again—short for “you’re not going to feel much pain because I’m not continuously injecting your face”.


For those who already have skin that is in perfect or fair condition, good for you. Plinest is going to feel like nothing major, never mind that a nurse kindly rhythmically taps your forehead to distract you. For those who have pitted scarring, don’t be alarmed when you hear and feel a snap on your face. That is the sound of your skin indentations being broken so that Plinest can encourage it to “fill up”.

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