What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Express Facial?
15 July 2022

It’s a common refrain among urbanites that they simply don’t have enough time to spare on indulgences and non-essential activities. Like high tea and day spas. Or facials, because self-care and beauty maintenance are often the first to go when we’re strapped for time.


To serve this large swathe of consumers and address their need for speed, a growing number of facial salons and med-spas are offering express facials that can typically be done in 30 minutes or less.


Dr Michelle Wong of IDS Clinic says: “Express facials are a quick lunchtime solution for busy individuals looking to refresh their skin with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, and a great way for them to sneak in some ‘me-time’ for relaxation.”Such treatments are also useful for those who need a quick rejuvenation before an important event, as they can expect to leave with more supple and radiant skin after a quick hydrating face mask or an oxygen infusion treatment.”


Traditional vs Express Facials

The key difference between traditional and express facials is that the latter usually does not include extraction, which requires more time. 


Cost is another differentiating factor – express facials are generally more wallet-friendly than regular facials. However, prices can vary significantly between salons.


As with anything that is condensed or pared down, however, some facets and elements will inevitably be lost. “Don’t expect your blackheads or whiteheads to disappear, as that will require comedone extraction,” says Dr Wong. “Also, express facials often don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in anti-ageing facial massages and skin-tightening treatments.”


Although it is said that express facials can be done four to eight times a month to achieve or maintain your optimal skin condition and there is no need to follow up with a regular facial, Dr Wong still advises going for a longer session once a month. “Good, thorough facials are relaxing and help to ensure that pores are cleansed and comedones are extracted. They also tend to include skincare infusions containing antioxidants and peptides that help prevent pigmentation and wrinkles, and improve overall skin quality,” she says.


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