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Versa 45s Twin Pack
Versa 45s Twin Pack
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Informasi Produk
Kenapa ini berbeda?


• Relief from sinus allergies

• Effective deodorizer

• Reduce cross infections

• Low energy consumption

• Quiet operation

• Minimum maintenance required

Cara Pemakaian

1. Turn it on 24/7. It is designed to be “Always-On’ so that it can continuously clean your indoor spaces.

2. When it is operating, a slight hissing sound could be heard when you place your ear near the device. There is also a LED light at the front of the device.

3. Shut all doors and windows. Treat it like your “fresh-air” producer.

4. Remove air fresheners and fragrances. They add on to the “workload” to be sterilized.

5. The cartridge must be replaced every year.


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